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Save Money On 
Electric Bills Today 

5 Reasons to go Solar

Solar in the neighborhood of Rhode Island
solar fields rhode island

Discover the benefits of going solar and unlock a brighter future for your home and the environment.

We show you how to save money on electric bill, increase your property value, reduce your carbon footprint, take advantage of government incentives, and gain energy independence by generating your own electricity from the sun.

Solar Installation

We offer end-to-end solar solutions, including site evaluation, customized system design, equipment comparison, monitoring solutions, leading finance options, and long-term customer support, while helping customers compare installers and make informed decisions about their solar installation.

Roofing and Tree

Our company offers a comprehensive range of roofing services, including comparing estimates, choosing shingle colors, and tree trimming and removal, and can seamlessly integrate these services with solar projects to provide customers with a holistic solution for their home.

Energy Efficiency Upgrade

We offer a wide range of home efficiency upgrades, including smart home solutions, heating and cooling systems, insulation, and electrical upgrades, and helps customers compare different options to make informed decisions about which upgrades will best meet their needs and budget.

At Neighborhood Solar, 

We Make Sure You 

Know Your Options


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We Manage Projects From Start To Finish. 

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Spence and Neighborhood Solar were professional and timely. I am very happy with my panels and I am saving money. I have not had to pay any electric bill in one year. Great investment! Very pleased!

Annmarie Hogan


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