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Neighborhood Solar is committed to providing renewable energy solutions that make sense for our customers and their communities.  We take care to make sure our customers get great quality, modern equipment, great service, attractive installations, while managing complex jobs.  Learn more about our recent projects today.



We believe that by providing quality care and service to all customers, referrals end up generating a lot of our business . We are passionate about helping people make the switch to renewable energy and making a positive impact on the environment.


Thoughtful Design 

We will take into consideration the size of your roof, the direction of the sun, and other factors to maximize the efficiency of your solar energy system. Our team will also work with you to ensure that your solar panel install looks aesthetically pleasing, providing a neat and tidy solution that blends well with the existing design of your home. 


Metal and Detached Roofs

Our team of experienced professionals specializes in installing solar panels on both separate structures and metal roofs, and we also handle all necessary electrical connections.  Reach out to our team to learn more about possible solutions for your home and property.


Custom Layout

With our custom layout services, you can rest assured that your solar project will be fit perfectly to your home and that you will get maximum efficiency from your installation.

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